VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration 34
Wireless (Wireless Router only)
WLAN Service: Default setting is set to Enable. If you do not have any wireless, both 802.11g and
802.11b, device in your network, select Disable.
Mode: The default setting is 802.11b+g (Mixed mode). If you do not know or have both 11g and 11b
devices in your network, then keep the default in mixed mode. From the drop-down manual, you can
select 802.11g if you have only 11g card. If you have only 11b card, then select 802.11b.
ESSID: The ESSID is the unique name of a wireless access point (AP) to be distinguished from another.
For security propose, change the default wlan-ap to a unique ID name to the AP which is already built-in
to the router’s wireless interface. It is case sensitive and must not excess 32 characters. Make sure your
wireless clients have exactly the ESSID as the device, in order to get connected to your network.
Note: It is case sensitive and must not excess 32 characters.
ESSID Broadcast: It is function in which transmits its ESSID to the air so that when wireless client
searches for a network, router can then be discovered and recognized. Default setting is Enabled.
Disable: If you do not want broadcast your ESSID. Any client uses “any” wireless setting
cannot discover the Access Point (AP) of your router.
Enable: Any client that using the “any” setting can discover the Access Point (AP) in
Regulation Domain: There are seven Regulation Domains for you to choose from, including North
America (N.America), Europe, France, etc. The Channel ID will be different based on this setting.
Channel ID: Select the wireless connection ID channel that you would like to use. Use the Scan
Channel Usage to help to select non-occupied wireless channel.
Scan Channel Usage: Wireless channel scan takes up to 14 seconds to survey the channel ID
in the network area. The result will show all ID channel is being occupied or not occupied.
Note: Wireless performance may degrade if select ID channel is already being occupied by other AP(s).
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