VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration 21
ARP Table
This section displays the router’s ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) Table, which shows the mapping of
Internet (IP) addresses to Ethernet (MAC) addresses. This is useful as a quick way of determining the
MAC address of the network interface of your PCs to use with the router’s Firewall – MAC Address
Filter function. See the Firewall section of this manual for more information on this feature.
IP Address: A list of IP addresses of devices on your LAN (Local Area Network).
MAC Address: The MAC (Media Access Control) addresses for each device on your LAN.
Interface: The interface name (on the router) that this IP Address connects to.
Static: Static status of the ARP table entry:
no” for dynamically-generated ARP table entries.
yes” for static ARP table entries added by the user.
Wireless Association Table (Wireless Router only)
IP Address: It is IP address of wireless client that joins this network.
MAC: The MAC address of wireless client.
Routing Table
Routing Table
Valid: It indicates a successful routing status.
Destination: The IP address of the destination network.
Netmask: The destination Netmask address.
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