VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration
Mission-critical application
Mostly the VPN connection is mission-critical application for doing data exchange between head and
branch office.
The mission-critical application must be sent out smoothly without any dropping. Set priority as high level
for preventing any other applications to saturate the bandwidth.
Voice application
Voice is latency-sensitive application. Most VoIP devices are use SIP protocol and the port number will be
assigned by SIP module automatically. Better to use fixed IP address for catching VoIP packets as high
Above settings will help to improve quality of your VoIP service when traffic is full loading.
Restricted Application
Some of companies will setup FTP server for customer downloading or home user sharing their files by
using FTP.
With above settings that help to limit utilization of upstream of FTP. Time schedule also help you to only
limit utilization at daytime.
Advanced setting by using IP throttling
With IP throttling you can specify more detail for allocating bandwidth; even the applications are located in
the same level.
Upstream: 928kbps (29*32kbps)
Mission-critical Application: 192kbps (6*32kbps)
Voice Application: 128kbps (4*32kbps)
Restricted Application: 160kbps (5*32kbps)
Other Applications: 448kbps (14*32kbps)
6+4+14+5=29, 29*32kbps=928kbps
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