VoIP/(802.11g) ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router
Chapter 4: Configuration
L2TP Connection - LAN to LAN
L2TP VPN Connection
Connection Name: User-define description of the connection.
Type: Check Dial Out if you want your router to operate as a client (connecting to a remote VPN server,
e.g. your office server), check Dial In operates as a VPN server.
When configuring your router establish the connection to a remote LAN, enter the remote
Server IP Address (or Hostname) you wish to connection to.
When configuring your router as a server to accept incoming connections, enter the Private IP
Address Assigned to Dial in User address.
Peer Network IP: Enter Peer network IP address.
Netmask: Enter the subnet mask of peer network based on the Peer Network IP setting.
Username: If you are a Dial-Out user (client), enter the username provided by your Host. If you are a
Dial-In user (server), enter your own username.
Password: If you are a Dial-Out user (client), enter the password provided by your Host. If you are a
Dial-In user (server), enter your own password.
PPP Authentication Type: Default is Auto if you want the router to determine the authentication type to
use, or else manually specify CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) or PAP (Password
Authentication Protocol) if you know which type the server is using (when acting as a client), or else the
authentication type you want clients connecting to you to use (when acting as a server). When using PAP,
the password is sent unencrypted, whilst CHAP encrypts the password before sending, and also allows
for challenges at different periods to ensure that the client has not been replaced by an intruder.
Idle Time: Auto-disconnect the VPN connection when there is no activity on the connection for a
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