The remote combines all the functions of the front panel controls for flexibility and convenience when
changing desired settings.
The first thing to do wit h the remote control is to remove the plastic sheet insulated the bat tery. The
battery is supplied wit h the remote control. Replacement bat teries can be purchase at any electronics
store. The part number for the batt ery is CR2025. Please follow the sequence below to replace the
1. Take out batt ery bracket, and locate the bat t ery bracket (Figure 1)
Figure 1
2. The batt ery number is CR2025. The batt ery has tw o sides, one with a but ton feature, and the
other is flat. (Figure 2)
Figure 2
3. Insert the batt ery wit h the but t on side into the bat t ery bracket, making sure the batt ery is firmly
seated. (figure 3)
4. Press the battery bracket into the remote control, making sure it snaps into position. (Figure 4)
Figure 4
The Fireplace Remote Control
Battery bracket
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