Replacing the processor
WARNING: Before working inside your computer, read the
safety information that shipped with your computer and
follow the steps in Before working inside your computer.
After working inside your computer, follow the instructions
in After working inside your computer. For more safety best
practices, see the Regulatory Compliance home page at
CAUTION: If either the processor or the heat sink is replaced,
use the thermal grease provided in the kit to ensure that
thermal conductivity is achieved.
NOTE: A new processor ships with a thermal pad in the package. In some
cases, the processor may ship with the thermal pad attached to it.
1 Ensure that the release lever on the processor socket is fully extended and
the processor cover is fully open.
CAUTION: Position the processor correctly in the
processor socket to avoid permanent damage to the
2 Align the pin-1 corner on the processor with the pin-1 corner on the
processor socket, and then place the processor in the processor socket.
CAUTION: Ensure that the processor-cover notch is
positioned underneath the alignment post.
3 When the processor is fully seated in the socket, close the processor cover.