Replacing the processor fan
and heat-sink assembly
WARNING: Before working inside your computer, read the
safety information that shipped with your computer and
follow the steps in Before working inside your computer.
After working inside your computer, follow the instructions
in After working inside your computer. For more safety best
practices, see the Regulatory Compliance home page at
NOTE: The original thermal grease can be reused if the original processor
and heat-sink assembly are reinstalled together.
CAUTION: If either the processor or the heat-sink assembly
is replaced, use the thermal grease provided in the kit to
ensure that thermal conductivity is achieved.
1 Place the processor fan and heat-sink assembly on the processor.
2 Align the captive screws on the processor fan heat-sink assembly with the
screw holes on the system board.
3 Tighten the captive screws that secure the processor fan and heat-sink
assembly to the system board.
4 Connect the processor-fan cable to the system board.
1 Follow the procedure from step 10 to step 11 in "Replacing the power-supply
2 Replace the left-side cover.