System diagnostic lights
The computer POST (Power On Self Test) ensures that it meets the basic
computer requirements and the hardware is working appropriately before the
boot process begins. If the computer passes the POST, the computer continues
to start in a normal mode. However, if the computer fails the POST, the
computer emits a series of LED codes in amber color during the start-up.
The following table shows different light patterns, what they indicate, and the
suggested solutions.
Number of
Power LED
Problem description Suggested solution
1System board: BIOS and
ROM failure
Flash latest BIOS version. If
problem persists, replace the
system board.
2No memory or RAM
Confirm that the memory
module is installed properly. If
problem persists, replace the
memory module.
3System board or chipset
Replace the system board.
4Memory or RAM failure Replace the memory module.
5CMOS battery failure Replace the CMOS battery.
6Video card or chip failure Replace the video card.
7CPU failure Replace the system board.
3,6 BIOS recovery image not
Reimage the system BIOS.
3,7 BIOS recovery image
found but invalid
Reimage the system BIOS.