ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS | Ref. quality process 002/03 | v. 09/02/2017 | K06315
12.1. General warning
Before performing any type of maintenance:
Always turn off the main power switch to the OFF position ( ).
If the grinder is jammed, unplug it from the power source and contact an
Not following these warnings can compromise the safety of the grinder as well as
the user.
12.2. General maintenance of the grind chamber
follow manufacturer instructions and ensure that all maintenance work is carried
Dull burrs will result in a lower quality grind, greater heat generation in the coffee
on the grinder motor.
NOTE: 
Steel Red Speed Lucidate
F8 OD 800 Kg 3500 Kg
F10 CONIC OD 1200 Kg 7500 Kg
F10 MASTER CONIC OD 1200 Kg 7500 Kg
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