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11.1. General cleaning
To ensure that the grinder functions properly, and produces the highest quality grind
possible, the parts that come into contact with coffee should cleaned periodically.
Always turn the main power switch to the OFF position ( ).
Unplug the machine from the power source.
The appliance is not to be cleaned with a water jet.
11.2. Bean hopper cleaning
In order to properly clean the bean hopper ( ), empty out all remaining beans and
 ), and loosen the hopper lock screw ( )
and lift the hopper straight up.
Clean the hopper ( ) with a moist soft cloth or with a small amount of water and
soap to eliminate any oily residue from the beans.
Replace the bean hopper ( 
11.3. Cleaning the grind chamber
It is recommended that the grind chamber be cleaned daily with a cleaner as
recommended by Compak. This process will eliminate smelly residues from the
The steps to follow are:
In order to properly clean the bean hopper ( ),
and fragments.
Close the bean trap on the hopper ( ) and grind out the remaining coffee in the
grind chamber.
 ).
Pour the recommended grinder cleaning product into the bean hopper ( ) and open
the bean trap ( ), allowing the cleaning product to pass into the grind chamber.
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