ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS | Ref. quality process 002/03 | v. 09/02/2017 | K06315
7.1. General warnings
The person installing the grinder should carefully read this instruction manual
before installation. The installation of this machine should be completed by
7.2. Important warnings
or person incapable of safely using such equipment. When using the grinder,
the following precautions should be followed:
No bare feet.
No wet hands or feet.
Do not submerge in water.
Do not expose the grinder to sun or other atmospheric conditions.
Do not place any type of object in the coffee entrance or exit while the grinder
is running. (It should be kept in mind that the cutting burrs continue turning for
a couple revolutions after the grinder is powered off).
To disconnect the grinder, use the main power switch and never the power
cable, to avoid a possible short circuit.
This unit is provided with an equipotential grounding lug that is to be properly
attached to the rear of the frame by the authorized installer. The installation
location is marked by the equipotential bonding symbol (5021 of IEC 60417-1)
on the unit´s frame. (Only for MASTER models).
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