Mirror Instant-return mirror with lock-up device
Film winding With rapid wind lever (7 pre advance angle and 190 advance angle)
Exposure meter TTL multi (6)-segment wide-open metering, Metering range from EV2 to EV21 at
ISO100 with 105 mm f/2.4 lens in multi (6)-segment metering, Center-Weighted
Metering Mode and Spot Metering Mode can be set
Exposure compensation
±3EV in 0.3EV step increments (With an optional AE Pentaprism 672 attached)
Multiple exposure Via multi-exposure lever
Exposure memory lock
With the memory lock button depressed, the memory timer locks the exposure
value for 20 seconds. The memory lock function remains while the shutter
release button is depressed halfway down. (With an optional AE Pentaprism
672 attached)
Flash sync Via 5P X-sync terminal for Pentax dedicated auto flashes, X-sync socket is
provided for Pentax non-dedicated flashes, Flash Sync Speed: 1/30 sec, ISO
range: 25-800
Power source Two 3V lithium batteries (CR123A or the equivalent)
exhaustion warning
Low battery warning H is lit (blinking when the shutter is locked; no indication in
the viewfinder).
Dimensions and weight
185.5 mm (W) 108.5 mm (H) 92 mm (D) (7.3" 4.3" 3.6"), 1210 g (42.7
oz), body only, without batteries and lenses
185.5 mm (W) 151 mm (H) 106 mm (D) (7.3" 5.9 4.2"), 1660 g (58.6 oz),
body with AE Pentaprism Finder 672 attached without batteries and lenses
Supplied accessories
Body mount cap 67, Finder cap 67, LX sync terminal cap, 5P sync terminal cap, Strap G
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