Type 6 7 format SLR camera
Format 55 70 mm
Usable film 120 roll film (10 exposures), 220 roll film (21 exposures), ISO 6 to 6400
Exposure modes Aperture-Priority AE Mode, Metered Manual Mode, Bulb Mode
Shutter Electronically-controlled horizontal-run focal-plane shutter,
Speed range: Auto 1/1000-30 sec. (stepless), Manual 1/1000-4 sec.,
Bulb, X (1/30 of a second). Time Exposure Mode, Shutter lock by turning the
main switch to d.
Lens mount Pentax 67 double bayonet mount system (inner bayonet and outer bayonet)
Interchangeable viewfinders (option), Focusing screen: Interchangeable screen with
Natural Bright-Matte focusing screen, Field of view: 90% vertical, Magnification: 0.75
(with 105 mm lens at infinity), Diopter: –2.5 to +1.5 m
(per meter)
Viewfinder indicator Shutter speed indicator, Aperture indicator, s Flash status indicator, Bar graph:
Exposure compensation value indicator, Over or under exposure indicator in the
Manual Exposure Mode, k Exposure compensation indicator, n Memory lock
indicator, Film counter indicator, K Multi (6)-segment metering, J Center-
weighted metering, I Spot metering
LCD panel indicator H Low battery warning, Film speed, ISO indicator, Film counter,
o Film advance indicator, s Flash status indicator
Self-timer Electronically-controlled type with delay time of 12 sec. (audible PCV signal),
Start by depressing shutter release button, Cancelable after operation
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