Custom Function
The Pentax 672 offers “Custom Functions” to modify the camera’s operation to suit personal
preferences. Modifications are made at a Pentax service center (at some charge).
Please consult your local Pentax service center for details.
(1) 1/2 EV Shutter-speed settings
Shutter speeds can be divided into 1/2 EV steps.
(2) Metering timer duration
The 10-second metering timer can be changed to 5, 20 or 30 seconds. In memory lock mode, the
timer is changed from initial 20 seconds to 10, 40, or 60 seconds.
(3) F-number indication in viewfinder display
The selected aperture is displayed in the viewfinder LCD indicator instead of exposure frame
number. This Custom Function is available only when a lens with automatic diagram control is
(4) Installment of an additional strap lug
An additional strap lug is installed next to the grip for horizontal positioning of the camera.
Precautions Regarding Custom Functions
For modification (3), if f-stops are displayed in the viewfinder, then the film number is not displayed.
For (3), the f-stop is not displayed if the lens or accessories do not support photometry.
For (3), the f-stop displayed in the viewfinder does not necessarily match with the aperture set with the lens.