Aperture and Shutter Speed Effects
Deciding the appropriate exposure for an object that you want to photograph (the subject) is all about deciding the right
combination of shutter speed and aperture value. However, even for subjects with the same brightness, there are several
combinations of shutter speed and aperture value possible. Depending on which combination you select, the effects of the
picture differ.
The Effect of Shutter Speed
The shutter speed adjusts the amount of light that is exposed to the film by lengthening or shortening the length of time the
film is exposed to the light.
If the shutter speed is slow, the shutter is open for a long amount of time, and if the subject that you want to photograph at this
time is moving, the subject will naturally become blurred. On the other hand, if the shutter speed is fast, even if the subject is
moving, the camera is able to take a picture as though the subject is stationary. Setting a fast shutter speed can also prevent
pictures from blurring due to the camera shaking when you press the shutter. Also, if you take pictures of rivers, waterfalls,
waves, etc., at a low shutter speed, they will turn out as pictures with a motion-like quality.
Fast Shutter Speed Slow Shutter Speed