Notes on Accessories
When using the AE Pentaprism Finder 672 or
Pentaprism Finder 672 in conjunction with the magnifier
or eyecup, detach the rubber ring from the finder's
eyepiece. If the eyepiece from which the rubber ring was
detached is squeezed too tightly, it may be difficult to
detach the ring. In this case, hold down and rotate the
frame of the eyepiece using the back side of the strap
(the side without the word PENTAX on it) to make it
easier to detach the ring.
When using an ordinary polarizing filter, exposure
accuracy can be adversely effected. The use of a circular
polarizing filter is necessary for proper exposure.
If you are using the auto close-up ring in the Aperture-
Priority AE Mode, make sure to narrow the aperture
before taking a picture. Otherwise, the exposure will not
Rear Converter
When the Rear Converter is used with the focusing
screen for telephoto lens installed (BA-81, BB-81, BE-80,
BG-80, BH-81 or BJ-81), a slight amount of overexposure
will occur.
The autobellows without the extension tube (Outer
bayonet No.1) cannot be attached to the 672 camera if
the AE Pentaprism 672 is used. The extension tube
(Outer bayonet No.1) and the scale (Scale 672) are
available as an optional accessory.