Interchangeable Focusing Screen
Twelve types of focusing screens including the standard focusing screen are available.
Refer to the chart on page 71 for the combination of screens according to camera. Refer to instruction sheets
supplied with each screen for changing instructions.
BA-61, BB-61, BE-60, BG-60, BH-61 and BJ-61 can be used for any focal length of the lens. BA-81, BB-81, BE-80, BG-80,
BH-81, and BJ-81 are bright focusing screens designed for use with the telephoto lenses or the slower maximum aperture
lenses. However, the exposure accuracy of these focusing screens may decrease when the lens is stopped down. Also,
when used in combination with a rear converter, a slight amount of overexposure will occur. For more information, read the
operating manual of 672 Interchangeable Focusing Screens.
BA-61, BA-81 (Microprism Matte)
For general use. Matte screen with
BB-61, BB-81 (Split-Image Matte)
Matte screen with split image.
BH-61, BH-81
(Cross-Lined Microprism Matte)
Designed to guide picture
BE-60, BE-80 (Center-Spot Matte)
The standard focusing screen for
general photography.
BJ-61, BJ-81
(Cross-Lined Split Image Matte)
Designed to guide picture
BG-60, BG-80
(Cross-Lined Matte)
Designed to guide
picture compositions.