Mirror Lock-Up Wind the film.
Slide the mirror lock-up lever
upward. The mirror goes up and
stays in the up position.
Release the shutter.
Locking the mirror in the lock-
up position helps to minimize
the camera vibrations that may
contribute to blurred pictures.
With the mirror in the
locked-up position, the
memory lock function
automatically operates and
the exposure is fixed.
Mirror lock-up does not operate
before winding the film.
Once the mirror lock-up is
set, it cannot be canceled
normally. If you want to
cancel it, depress the
shutter release button in a
dark place and perform the
same operation as with the
Multiple Exposure Mode.
When the battery is
exhausted, this function
does not operate. Locking
the mirror continuously also
makes the battery become
exhausted more rapidly.