Using the AF400T Flash Unit
* To attach the AF400T flash unit to the 672 camera, an optional bracket for AF400T
and 4P sync cord A are required.
Attach the AF400T to the camera using the AF400T 672
Connect the 4P sync cord A to the X-sync terminal.
To attach a bracket for AF400T to the 672 camera, refer to the operating manual of
AF400T 672 Bracket.
In the Aperture-Priority AE Mode or when the shutter speed is set in the range of 1/
30 to 1/1000 of a second, the flash sync speed of 1/30 of a second is set when the
flash is fully charged.
When the shutter release button is depressed halfway down, s appears in the
viewfinder and on the LCD panel when the flash is fully charged.
In the Aperture-Priority AE Mode, when the flash is fully charged, the Metered
Manual Mode is automatically set. The bar graph indicates the exposure value for
the background. See page 51 for the bar graph.
For more details, read the flash’s operating manual.
The AF200T and AF280T can be used in the same way as the AF400T by
combining it with an optional hot shoe grip. For more details, read the AF400T 672
Bracket operating manual.
Power the flash after connecting the cord.