Using the Memory
Lock Function
Depress the memory lock button
h. The exposure level is
memorized and n is displayed
in the viewfinder.
The memory lock function
enables an exposure level
to be memorized before
shooting. The memory lock
function is very effective
when used along with spot
metering. Use memory lock
function to get a correct
exposure when the subject
occupies only a small part
of the viewfinder.
As soon as the memory lock button h is depressed, the camera stores the
measured exposure level for 20 seconds even if the memory lock button h is
If the shutter release button is depressed halfway down while the memory lock timer
is operating, the memorized meter reading will remain even if the memory lock
button h is released.
To cancel the memory lock function, depress the memory lock button h again.
The memory lock function cannot be used when the camera is set in the Metered
Manual Mode.
The memory lock function will be canceled after a picture is taken.