When the shutter release button
is depressed halfway down, the
shutter speed, the metering
mode, and the film counter
indicator will be displayed in the
Exposure Warning
If the subject is too bright or too dark, the
selected shutter speed will blink in the
viewfinder as a warning as shown. When
the subject is too bright, choose a smaller
aperture; and when it is too dark, choose
a larger aperture. When the shutter
speed indicator stops blinking, you can
take a picture. If the shutter speed
indicator does not stop blinking, it means
that the exposure is out of metering
range, unable to obtain a correct
exposure even if the aperture is adjusted.
Use a ND filter or select a darker subject
if the subject is too bright or use a flash if
it is too dark.
The shutter speed dial can
be released from b to
another position while
holding down the shutter
speed dial lock button.
The Aperture-Priority AE
Mode does not operate
unless the AE Pentaprism
Finder 672 is attached.