Precautions for Battery Usage
Other precautions
The temperature range at which this camera functions
properly is 50 °C to –10 °C (122 °F to 14 °F).
A camera which has been submerged in water usually
cannot be repaired. If such an accident should occur, it
is advisable to contact a Pentax Service Center
To maintain optimum performance, it is recommended
that the camera be inspected every one or two years. If
the camera has not been used for an extended period,
or is being prepared for an important photographic
session, it is recommended that you have the camera
inspected or test shoot with it.
Repairs deemed necessary due to usage of this
product in an industrial or commercial application may
not be covered under the terms of the Pentax warranty.
The Pentax warranty provides only for the repair of
defects in materials or workmanship. Damage of any
kind cannot be repaired at no charge under the terms
of the warranty. If the difficulty is caused as a direct
result of the product being used in conditions as
outlined in the “Precautions for Your Camera” section
or any other operation contrary to the instructions
outlined in this manual, charges will be assessed and a
repair quotation will be provided.
Use two CR123A lithium batteries.
Do not store the camera in a closet with mothballs or in
an area where chemicals are handled. Store it in a
place with good dry air circulation to prevent the growth
of fungus.
Misuse of the battery can cause hazards such as
leakage, overheating, explosion, etc. The battery
should be inserted with the “+” and “–” sides facing
Battery performance may be temporarily hindered in
low temperatures, but will recover in normal
Keep spare batteries on hand for convenient
replacement when shooting outdoors or while traveling.
Replace the batteries at the same time. Do not mix
battery brands, types, or old batteries with new ones,
as this may cause explosion or overheating.
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