Precautions for Your Camera
Your Pentax camera is high-precision mechanism. Handle it with great care.
Precautions when taking pictures
Do not use the camera where it may come in contact
with rain, water, or any other liquid, because the
camera is not weather, water, or liquid resistant. Should
the camera get wet from rain, splashing water, or any
other liquid, wipe it off immediately with a dry soft cloth.
Do not drop the camera or allow it to hit solid objects. If
the camera suffers a shock or impact, take it to a
Pentax service center for inspection.
Be careful not to subject the camera to strong
vibrations, shock or pressure. Use a cushion to protect
the camera when carrying it in a motorcycle, car, boat,
Condensation on the interior or exterior of the camera
may be extremely harmful to the camera mechanism
as it may cause rust. Furthermore, if the camera is
taken from warm temperature to subfreezing on or vice
versa, the formation of condensation may cause
damage. In such case, put the camera into a case or
plastic bag so that any changes in temperature
difference is minimized. Do not remove it from the bag
until temperature has stabilized.
Precautions for storage
Avoid leaving the camera for extended periods in
places where the humidity and temperature are very
high, such as in a car.
Do not store the camera in a closet with mothballs or in
an area where chemicals are handled. Store it in a
place with good dry air circulation to prevent the growth
of fungus.
Precautions for proper care
Never touch the shutter curtain or mirror with your
finger or any other object.
Use a blower and lens brush to remove dust
accumulated on the lens or viewfinder.
Never use solvents such as paint thinner, alcohol or
benzene to clean the camera.
Electrical problems may often be caused by water, dirt or
dust at points of electrical contact. Also check for battery
leakage, traces of dirt of grease, or corrosion due to
salinity or gas. If you cannot correct the problems, have
your camera inspected at a Pentax service center.
Repairs of this nature are not covered under the terms of
the warranty and charges may be assessed.
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