Align the start mark of the film and the p mark of
the camera as shown in step of page 28.
With a 220 film loaded, the dotted line appears as
illustrated. This is not a start mark. Do not align this
line with the p mark. Doing so may result in the
first three frames not being exposed.
The film counter indicator is also displayed in the viewfinder.
Always unload the film in the shade or using your body to shade the film holder.
We suggest that you first operate the camera with no film loaded to become familiar with its operations.
The film counter indicator on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder advances by one each time the film is wound. The film
counter indicator on the LCD panel is displayed even when the camera is turned off.
Always keep the surface of the pressure plate clean as dust and smudges may cause scratches on the film. The
pressure plate can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.
If the start mark on the leader paper is not set with the p mark on the camera, you may lose the first or last frame(s) on
the roll.
10 pictures are taken with the 120 film and 21 pictures are taken with the 220 film.
If you open the back cover when there is no film loaded, you have to cock the shutter twice to release the shutter.
To release the shutter with the back cover opened, cock the shutter while holding down the multi-exposure lever.