Oregon 4-H Archery Member Manual 7
Chapter 3
Accessories and Safety Equipment
Armguard, finger tab, and quiver
The beginning archer needs some accessories to have a successful
and positive experience. The most important accessories include an
armguard, a finger tab or glove, and a quiver.
Always wear an armguard and finger protection when shooting
your bow, to protect yourself from injury. Wear the armguard inside
your bow arm (the arm with which you hold your bow) between
your wrist and your elbow. This keeps clothing out of the path of
the string and reduces the chance of injury should the string hit
your arm.
Beginning archers should wear a finger tab on their string hand
(the hand that draws the string). The tab protects the middle
three fingers, which hook onto the string as you pull it back.
More experienced archers may switch to a shooting glove or a
mechanical release.
The quiver holds the arrows. It is a helpful piece of equip-
ment for any archer. Different styles of quivers complement
different styles of shooting. Belt quivers attach to your belt on
the string side of your body and are popular with target archers.
Ground quivers stick into the ground and often feature a rack to
hold your bow when you are not shooting. Bowhunters often use a
quiver that mounts directly to their bow.
Other accessories
As you gain skill, you might want to try some other accessories.
A sling worn on the wrist or fingers helps you keep a light grip
on the bow.
A clothing shield is worn on your chest. It helps keep your shirt
or jacket away from a fully drawn string.
A kisser button attaches to the string at the point where it
touches your lips when you are at full draw. This helps you draw the
string to the same point for each shot.
Stabilizers reduce bow torque.
Advanced shooters may install a clicker inside the sight window
to signal when they have reached full draw.
Belt quiver
Ground quiver
Finger sling
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