Oregon 4-H Archery Member Manual 5
6. Keeping both eyes open, center your partners nose in the trian-
gular opening.
7. Slowly bring your hands back to your face, keeping your
partner’s nose centered in the opening. Your hands will come
back to your dominant eye.
If your dominant eye is on the same side of your body as your
dominant hand (right eye/right hand or left eye/left hand), you will
find it natural to use your dominant eye. If you are cross-dominant
(right eye/left hand or left eye/right hand), you have a greater
challenge. Be assured, you eventually will achieve greater success by
using your dominant eye and training your nondominant hand to
manipulate the arrow and string.
If you are right eye dominant, you will shoot right handed with
the bow in the left hand and the string in the right hand. This will
be the opposite for left handed archers. Just remember, the arrow is
drawn to the dominant eye.
Arrows are made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon
fibers. The stiffness of the arrow is called the “spine.” Always use
arrows with the proper spine and length for the bow.
Arrows come with many different kinds of points, each
designed for a different use. Target points usually are conical or
bullet shaped, and are designed to cause minimal damage to
foam or grass target mats. Field points may be bullet shaped or
shaped somewhat like the point of a pencil. They often are used
for target practice. Broadheads have two or more cutting edges.
Bowhunters use other points such as judo heads and blunts in
certain situations.
Selecting arrows
You may select arrows made of wood, fiberglass, or alumi-
num. Do not buy carbon arrows until you are more skilled as an
Wooden arrows
Most wooden arrows are inexpensive. However, with the
recent popularity of traditional archery, there are better quality,
more expensive arrows available.
Wooden arrows may be less durable than arrows made from
other materials. They may warp, splinter, and break with heavy use.
Target point
Field point
Broad head
Judo head
Archival copy. For current version, see: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h361
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