Chapter 1
How It All Began
Welcome to the great sport of archery! As you begin this project,
you join the millions of people that have been using bows and
arrows from necessity, for sport, and for fun!
The tradition of archery goes back at least 50,000 years. It was
created by kings, queens, soldiers, and adventurers. The invention of
the bow and arrow was one of the first attempts at harnessing
energy. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the invention of
the bow was one of the three most important cultural advances in
history, equaled in importance only by the discovery of fire and the
development of speech.
About 200 years ago, Native Americans living in Oregon began
to use the bow and arrow. The two most commonly found types of
arrow points from this period are called the Rosegate and the Desert
Side-notched point. These points typically were made from a variety
of cherts, jaspers, and obsidian. If you find these arrow points when
exploring the outdoors, leave them where they are. Report your find
to the public land manager, an archaeologist, or the local university.
This project is intended to give the beginning archer some basic
skills. The more advanced archer can work through the project book
to enhance skills.
Archery is fun, but it can be dangerous. Since people do hunt
with bows and arrows, we know they can kill; so you must be care-
ful! Treat the bow and arrow as a loaded firearm!
Things you can do
1. Read archery books and magazines to learn about the
sport and its history. List the books and articles you
read and discuss them with your leader.
2. Begin a scrapbook for your archery project. Include pic-
tures of yourself learning to shoot. Also, include information
about your equipment.
Archival copy. For current version, see: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h361
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