16 Oregon 4-H Archery Member Manual
Glossary of Archery Terms
aim: Any method used to point the arrow in the direction you want
it to go. When using sights, to superimpose the sighting device
over the spot you wish to hit with your arrow.
anchor: Consistent placement of the drawing hand to a position on
the face, mouth, or jaw when the bow is drawn fully.
anchor point: The specific point that your drawing hand touches
when the bow is drawn fully.
archer: One who shoots a bow.
armguard: A piece of stiff material, usually leather, used to protect
the bow arm from the slap of the bowstring or broken arrow upon
release. It is worn on the inside of the forearm of the bow arm.
arrow: A projectile shot from a bow.
arrowhead: The tip of an arrow.
arrow plate: The portion of the sight window that touches the
arrow shaft when the arrow is resting on the bow.
arrow rest: The horizontal projection on the bow that supports the
back: The side of the bow away from the bowstring.
barbed arrow: An arrow designed for fishing, having barbs so it will
not come out.
barebow: A style of shooting without a bow sight.
belly or face: The surface of the bow facing the string and toward
the archer when shooting.
belt quiver: An arrow container that is worn on the archer’s belt.
blunt tip: An arrow point usually made of rubber and used in some
archery activities.
bow: A device made of a piece of flexible material with a string
connecting the two ends, used to propel an arrow.
bow arm or bow hand: The hand and arm that holds the bow.
bow sight: A device placed on the bow to aid the archer in aiming.
Archival copy. For current version, see: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h361
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