Oregon 4-H Archery Member Manual 15
These faults are common and may be corrected easily. Remember
that the most important factor in successful shooting is good,
consistent form. Practice your form and follow through, and you
will have won more than half of the battle.
Left and right
arrow patterns
Left arrows
(Right for
Extremely left
arrows (Right for
Low left arrows
(Low right for
Possible reasons
Canting the bow. (Tilting the bow to the
right or to the left.)
Peeking. (Pulling your face around the
bow to get a better look at the target when
Gripping the bow too tightly.
Plucking. (Pulling the release hand away
from the face during release.)
Flinching with the left arm.
Aiming with the left eye for a right eye
shooter or vice-versa.
String hitting the chest or bow arm, or
being caught by loose clothing.
How to correct
Keep the bow straight up and down.
Focus on the target.
Maintain your follow through until the arrow
hits the target.
Keep your bow hand relaxed throughout the
Place only your thumb and forefinger around
the bow.
Continue to draw the bowstring as you relax
your fingers.
Keep your hand close to your face.
Wear an armguard to remove the fear of
string slap.
Perform the eye dominance test and trust it.
Put a piece of scotch tape over one lens of a
pair of shooting glasses to make you use your
dominant eye.
Open your stance slightly.
Wear an armguard.
Dress appropriately, with no loose clothing.
Archival copy. For current version, see: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h361
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