Oregon 4-H Archery Member Manual 13
8. Release
Simply release all the tension in your fingers and drawing hand
all at once. Continue extending the bow arm toward the target as
you release. Continue focusing on the target.
9. Follow through
The drawing hand continues back beside the neck with fingers
relaxed, ending up near the shoulder. The bow arm continues
extension toward the target. Continue focusing on the target. Main-
tain your follow through until the arrow has hit the target.
Retrieving arrows
When the range commander signals, archers may approach the
target line. One archer per target may go forward to retrieve her or
his arrows.
Walk forward slowly, watching for arrows that fell short or
bounced out of the target. Retrieve these arrows as you come to
Be very careful when pulling the arrows. Be sure no one is stand-
ing behind you. Stand to the side of the target, and place one hand
on the target face next to the arrow. Press the target against the butt
and grab the arrow as close to the target as possible (touching the
hand on the target face). Pull the arrow straight out. Place this arrow
in the quiver before you pull out the next.
Archival copy. For current version, see: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h361
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