12 Oregon 4-H Archery Member Manual
3. Set
Set your bow hand on the grip using only the web and the
meaty part of your thumb. Your bow hand should stay relaxed
through the whole shot. Set the first groove of your first three
fingers around the bowstring, creating a hook. Keep the back of the
string hand relaxed.
4. Pre-draw
Raise your bow arm towards the target, without raising your
shoulder. Look at the target and line up the bowstring with the
center of the bow. Make sure the elbow on your bow arm is out of
the way. The elbow of your drawing arm should be near the level of
your nose.
5. Draw
Draw the bow back to full draw. Your elbow should be directly
behind the arrow. Continue looking at the target, and keep the
string lined up with the center of the bow as you draw.
6. Anchor
Draw the string to the front of your chin, placing the knuckle of
your index finger directly under the side of your jaw. Make sure that
the string is lined up with the center of your nose.
7. Aim
Focus your eyes on the center of the target. Keep the string lined
up with the center of the bow. Continue the gradual draw.
Archival copy. For current version, see: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h361
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