6. USB Slot:
Used to connect an iPhone/iPod®, MP3 player or USB flash drive for
playback of music/video files.
7. Interface Cover:
Covers the 3.5mm AV In, MicroSD card and USB slot.
8. Reset Button:
Press this button to reset the system settings (except password and parental
lock settings) and to correct a system halt or other illegal operation. Use the
tip of a pen to press the Reset button.
9. Power On/Off ( ) Button / Rotary Volume ( ) Knob / Mute Button
Press to turn the unit ON. Press and hold to turn the unit OFF.
Rotate the knob to adjust the volume.
Press the knob momentarily to mute the audio. Press the knob again to
restore the audio.
10. Menu Button:
Press this button to access the Main Source Menu.
11. Eject ( ) Button:
Press this button to eject a DVD/CD/MP3 disc. Disc play is stopped, the disc is
ejected and the unit will change to radio operation. If the disc is not removed
from the unit and the button is pressed again, the disc will be re-loaded. If the
disc is not removed from the disc slot within 10 seconds of being ejected, it
will be automatically reloaded to prevent it from being accidentally damaged.
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