1. Use only a clean silicone cloth and neutral detergent to clean the front panel
or monitor. A rough cloth and non-neutral detergent (such as alcohol) may
result in scratching or discoloration.
2. Do not get water or cleaning fluids on the unit.
3. If the temperature inside the player gets too hot, a protective circuit
automatically stops play of the disc. If this occurs, allow the unit to cool before
operating the player again.
4. Never insert anything other than a 12 cm (5”) compact disc into the player as
the mechanism can be damaged by foreign objects.
5. Do not attempt to use a 8 cm (3”) CD-Single disc in this unit, either with
or without an adapter, as damage to the player and/or disc may occur.
Such damage is not covered by the Warranty on this product.
6. The CD player may not operate properly in extreme hot or cold. If such
conditions occur, allow the interior of the vehicle to reach a normal
temperature before using player.
7. When the vehicle warms up during cold weather or under damp conditions,
condensation may appear on the LCD panel. Should this occur, the screen will
not operate properly until the moisture has evaporated.
8. We suggest you use a cleaning disc in this unit more frequently than in the
unit in your home due to the environmental conditions of the vehicle.
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