SiriusXM® Radio Advisory Messages
SiriusXM® user advisory messages are listed below:
Advisory Displayed Cause
Check SXM Tuner Check the SiriusXM® tuner connection on the back of
the unit to ensure that it’s correctly connected.
Check SXM Antenna Ensure the SiriusXM® antenna cable is connected to
the SiriusXM® tuner correctly.
Check the SiriusXM® antenna wire for breaks or sharp
Replace the antenna if necessary. If the message
remains, the antenna may have been damaged.
No SXM Signal The vehicle must be outside, and the antenna must
have a clear view of the southern sky. The magnetic
antenna must be mounted on the outside of the
vehicle for the best reception.
Channel Not Subscribed This channel is not included in your SiriusXM®
subscription plan. Call 1-866-635-2349 to subscribe.
Channel Not Available This channel is not a valid SiriusXM® channel. The
channel number has been entered incorrectly, or the
channel was removed from the SiriusXM® channel
Channel Locked The selected channel has been locked by the
parental controls, or a mature channel has been
selected. A prompt to enter the unlock code will
appear. Enter the unlock code.
Subscription Updated An update to your SiriusXM subscription has been
received by the SiriusXM tuner. Press [ Enter ] button
to continue.
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