Switching to SiriusXM® Radio
Touch the top left corner of the screen (the Source box) to view the Main Menu
screen. From the Main menu screen, touch the SiriusXM icon.
Press the MENU button on the front panel to switch to the SXM source.
Selecting the SiriusXM® Band
Touch the Band icon on the SXM Menu screen to change between the following
bands: SXM1, SXM2, and SXM3.
Seek Tuning
To fast seek the next higher channel, touch and hold the icon.
To fast seek the next lower channel, touch and hold the icon.
Direct Tuning
To enter a SiriusXM® radio channel directly:
1. On the SiriusXM® menu page 1, touch the Direct Entry icon to display the
Direct Entry Menu.
SXM Direct Entry Screen
2. Enter the desired SiriusXM® radio channel using the on-screen number pad
then touch the Ok icon. If you wish to delete an entry number touch the X
3. To exit the screen without changing the channel, touch the Back icon.
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