SiriusXM® User Interface
The on-screen indicators and touch key areas for SiriusXM® functions are outlined
Page 1
SiriusXM® Menu Page 1
Source Icon - Touch to return to the unit’s Main Menu Screen.
Band indicator (SXM1 icon) - Displays SiriusXM® radio band currently selected.
Three bands are available: SXM1, SXM2, and SXM3.
Time Display - This indicator displays the time as entered by the user in the
Settings Menu.
Signal Strength Indicator - As the strength of the satellite radio signal
increases, the number of illuminated segments will increase.
Program Information:
Channel Number - Channel numbers are used to designate the channel along with
the channel name and are useful for identifying/loading a channel via the “direct
entry” method.
Channel Name - The channel name is used to identify the channel and is usually
related to that channel’s musical content.
Category Name - A category may contain one or more channels grouped by their
similar content into a “Category”.
Artist Name - This area displays the name of the artist currently playing.
Song - This area displays the name of the song currently playing.
Info - This area contains additional information related to the song/track now
More Icon - Touch to go to SiriusXM® Menu Page 2.
Direct Entry Icon - Touch to display the Direct Entry Menu.
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