While listening to audio the following functions are available:
1. Pause/Play ( ) icon: Touch to pause playback. Touch again to resume
2. Previous ( ) icon: Touch to play the previous track.
3. Next ( ) icon: Touch to play the next track.
Functionality varies depending on the profile used:
A2DP: Stream audio from your BT compatible audio player and listen to
the music through the unit.
AVRCP: Play back, pause, select songs, etc. while streaming audio from your
BT compatible audio player to the unit.
Note: Song information (e.g. elapsed playing time, song title, song index, etc.)
cannot be displayed on this unit. Since there are a number of BT audio players
available on the market, operations with your BT audio player while using
this unit may vary greatly. Please refer to the instruction manual that came
with your BT audio player.
When there is an incoming call, the song will be paused. After the incoming
call is finished, the screen will return to the music function screen and playback
will continue.
BT Call While Navigating
When navigating and a BT call comes in, the user interface (UI) will
automatically switch to the BT UI. To return to the navigation UI while the call
is still in progress, press and hold the MENU button. The navigation UI will
display and navigation voice prompts will be overidden by the phone call.
When the call has ended, navigation voice prompts will return automatically.
Switching Between Sources While Navigating
Press the MENU button to go back to the Main Source Menu. This will allow you
to select another source (Radio, Disc, AV 1, etc). Press and hold the MENU
button to switch back and forth between the currently selected source and
PTT (Push to Talk) Function
The JRV9000 has a PTT button to allow you to access Siri or Google Voice through
the head unit when connected via BT. You mobile phone must support Siri or
Google Voice in order for this feature to be supported on the head unit.
NOTE: Samsung "S" Voice and other third-party apps may not be supported.
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