Call Transfer
While talking, to transfer audio from the unit back to the mobile phone, touch the
To Phone icon. You can only transfer a call after it has been answered.
Touching the To Device icon will return the audio from the mobile phone to the
unit. Touch the Transfer Call icon and the following screen will appear:
Transfer to Phone Screen Transfer to Radio Screen
Call Transfer Screens
BT Audio Control Screen
BT Music Function
BT provides A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) profile for streaming
music from a mobile phone or a portable multimedia player (PMP), sometimes
referred to as a MP3 player. The unit allows you to play back audio files from your
mobile phone using a BT connection.
Note: Please quit A2DP mode before attempting to make a phone call, as
unexpected results may occur depending on your mobile phone model.
The unit can control a BT audio player via AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control
Profile). BT audio players compatible with these profiles can be connected to this
unit. The following screen is used for streaming music:
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