Direct Dialing:
1. Press the front panel MENU button and then touch the BT icon to access
the BT main menu. The following screen will appear:
BT Direct Dial Screen
2. Use the 0-9, */+, and # icons to input the phone number. If necessary touch the
green arrow icon to clear the last digit or the entire number and start over.
3. After entering the phone number, touch the icon to dial the call. The
number dialed will be displayed on the screen.
4. To end the call, touch the icon.
Answering an Incoming Call
To answer an incoming call touch the icon. For best reception, speak loudly and
clearly into the units microphone. To end the conversation, touch the icon.
Rejecting an Incoming Call
Touch the Transfer to Phone icon to reject an incoming call. The call will revert to
your mobile phone and be left for voice mail.
Volume Control
To increase or decrease the volume level of an incoming call, turn the rotary knob
on the front panel or press the VOL+/ VOL- icons on the remote control.
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