SiriusXM Ready®
Satellite Channel Name, Artist, Song, and Categories Displayed on Monitor
(Vehicle Tuner and Subscription required and sold separately)
2.0 DIN (Import / ISO-DIN Mountable)
Fixed Front Panel
6.2” High Definition TFT LCD
800h x 480w x RGB WVGA
Beep Tone Confirmation (ON-OFF Option)
BT Hands-Free operation for safety and convenience and A2DP for streaming
music from your smartphone.
One Composite Video Output for Additional Screens
Front Panel Audio/Video Input
Front Panel USB - Playback Music / Video Files via Portable Hard Drives / USB
flash drives
Ten-Band Graphic Equalizer
6VRMS Front / Rear / Subwoofer RCA Line Output
Touch Screen Calibration Mode
Rotary Encoder Audio Control
The JRV9000 can connect with 3 cameras: CAM1, CAM2, CAM3. Each camera
can be triggered separately and can be set in different trigger priority.
HDMI / MHL Connectivity - See and control smartphone apps on the larger
TFT screen. *Some apps may not be supported.
Built-In Navigation
• USA and Canada Map Data (Tele Atlas)
>10 Million Points of Interest
8GB SD Card w/ Navigation Software
Latest Map Guarantee (Must be redeemed within 30 days of initial activation)
13 Natural Voice Languages for Navigation Guidance
iGo Primo Next Gen Navigation Engine
USB Charging Current - 2.1 Amp Support
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