1. Touch the MENU on the front panel to access the source menu.
2. Touch the BT icon on the source menu and the BT user interface
screen will appear.
3. Touch the Options icon and the following screen will appear.
4. On the Options submenu set the BT function to ON.
5. On the Options submenu set the Auto Connect function to ON.
6. Set the mobile phone BT discover mode to ON.
Note: Some discovery modes have a time limit, usually a minute, before
they are automatically turned OFF.
7. Touch the “Scan” icon on the unit’s BT user interface screen. Available
devices will appear with the “Pair” icon next to it.
The user can make or receive phone calls with BT enabled phones through the
unit. The user can also listen to music from a BT enabled device.
Pairing BT Devices
To connect your BT phone to the unit, the user needs to pair the phone to the unit.
Pairing only needs to be done once per phone. The user can pair up to five (5)
phones. Use your mobile phone to begin the BT pairing process.
8. Touch the “Pair” icon on the unit’s BT user interface screen.
9. A prompt to pair or bond should appear on your mobile phone. Accept the
request and initiate the process.
NOTE: Some mobile phones require a “pass key” or pairing code to
connect. If your phone requires a pass key or pairing code, you will
need to enter this number. The default pairing code for the JRV9000 is
10. A prompt to enter a PIN number or passkey for the unit should appear. The
default passkey for the unit is “1234”.
11. At this point a prompt stating pairing successful should appear. Another
prompt should appear asking connect to the unit, Yes or NO. Touch Yes. The
mobile phone and the unit should connect. The mobile phone should display
a message similar to “Device Connected” and the mobile phone and the unit
are now connected. JRV9000 will appear on the mobile phone list of devices.
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