Please make sure your mobile phone supports BT. (Headset or Handsfree
profiles or both and A2DP). Adhere to the following guidelines for successful
Before using BT functions, you must pair your mobile phone to the JRV9000
unit (see “Pairing the Your Mobile Phone with the Unit”. To ensure
the best reception for pairing and re-connection, please make sure the
mobile phone battery is fully charged before you begin.
Try to perform pairing within a few minutes of the mobile phone being turned
Once the unit has been paired with the mobile phone, the unit’s model number,
JRV9000”, will be displayed on the mobile phone.
To achieve the best performance, always keep the mobile phone within 10 feet
(3 meters) of the unit.
Always keep a clear path between the mobile phone and the unit. Never place a
metal object or any other obstacle between the mobile phone and the unit.
Some mobile phones may have a “Power Saving Mode” option. PLEASE DO NOT
use the power saving mode with the JRV9000.
Before accepting or making a call, make sure your mobile phone’s “BT
function” is turned on.
To ensure the best conversation quality/performance, stay within 3 feet
(1 meter) of the unit’s microphone when talking.
To manually disconnect the mobile phone from the unit, touch the “Chain Link”
icon on the BT user interface (next to the mobile phone name) and the BT
device will be “disconnected”, but still paired.
NOTE: The line-of-sight distance between this unit and your mobile phone
must be 8 feet (2.4 meters) or less for sending and receiving voice and data
via BT wireless technology.
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