3. Connect Your Smartphone
Most Android smartphones will require an HDMI/MHL adapter in addition to an
HDMI cable with 2 Type A male connectors. These adapters are available at
smartphone retail stores. See head unit documentation for more information
about HDMI/MHL adapters. Connect your smartphone to the HDMI/MHL
adapter. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI/MHL adapter. Connect
the remaining end of the HDMI cable to the Jensen multimedia head unit HDMI
input (Rear chassis panel). Consult your smartphone documentation for
instructions on how to access HDMI/MHL on your device.
4. Touch Screen Calibration Start
Launch the HDMI/MHL Connect app on your smartphone. Using the head unit
touch screen, go to Settings in the HDMI/MHL Connect app. Scroll down slightly,
and press the Touch Screen Calibration "Start" button.
5. Touch Screen Calibration
Once the touch screen is calibrated, scroll up, and press System Settings to
return to the main HDMI/MHL Connect page. Press Mobile Home Page to access
your smartphone from the touch screen of the Jensen multimedia head unit.
Touch the Car Home Page to return to the Main Source Menu of the head unit.
This calibration is performed once per phone when initially set-up.
Connecting Your Smartphone to the JRV9000
1. Jensen HDMI/MHL Connect App Installation Procedure
Download and install the Jensen HDMI/MHL Connect app from Google Play
onto your smartphone.
2. Smartphone / Head Unit BT Connection
In order to have full touch screen control from the head unit TFT (via the HDMI/
MHL Connect app), a BT connection is required between your smartphone and
head unit. Refer to the head unit / smartphone documentation for further
information on pairing / connecting devices.
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