Mirror Mode (HDMI/MHL Adapter Required)
Mirror Mode allows the image from the smartphone to be displayed on the
larger head unit TFT. There is no touch screen control from the head unit TFT.
You must control the apps from the smartphone.
Mirror Mode w/ Touch Screen Control (HDMI/MHL
Adapter Required)
Mirror Mode w/ Touch Screen Control allows the image from the smartphone to
be displayed on the larger head unit TFT as well as full touch screen control of
the smartphone screen from the head unit.
Note: All apps may not be supported / displayed when connected via HDMI/
1. Some devices (smartphones) may not be compatible with HDMI/MHL
2. Incoming calls or messages may pause media output. Media will resume
after the call or message.
3. Simultaneously running multiple apps on your smartphone while screen
sharing places heavy demand on the smartphone, potentially affecting its
performance. Close unused apps on your smartphone to enhance the screen
sharing feature of the JRV9000.
Interfacing your Smartphone - iPhone 6® / iPhone 6
Plus® / iPhone 5® / iPhone 5S® / iPhone 5C® / iPod
touch® (5th Gen) / iPod nano® (7th Gen)
Note: In order to connect your smartphone to your JRV9000, you will need
the "Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter" (HDMI/MHL adapter). No app or
software is needed for Apple devices.
Smartphone HDMI/MHL adapters are available at your local mobile phone
4. If you are having trouble seeing your smartphone display on the head unit TFT,
try connecting your smartphone (With HDMI/MHL adapter) to another device
such as a flat panel TV with HDMI input. If you cannot see the smartphone
display on the flat panel TV, the smartphone does not support HDMI/MHL.
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