iPod® / iPhone® Controls
Accessing iPod® Mode
The user can control an iPod®/iPhone® using the touch screen to access,
albums, songs, etc.
The unit will automatically switch to iPod® mode when an iPod®nano, iPod®
touch or iPhone® is plugged into the front panel USB connector. Also the iPod®
can be accessed from the Main Menu Screen by touching the iPod® icon (only
available when an iPod® or iPhone® is connected to the front panel USB
iPod® / iPhone® Main Menu
The on-screen icons and touch key areas are outlined below.
iPod®/iPhone® Main Menu
Source Icon - Touch this icon to return to the Main Menu Screen.
iPod - Displays the current source.
Track Number - Lists the current audio track playing and the total number of
audio tracks in audio mode. Lists the current video folder and the total number of
video folders in video mode.
Time Display - This indicator displays the time as entered by the user in the
Settings Menu.
More ( / ) - Touch the / icons to display the next or previous page of the
iPod® menu.
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