From the main menu screen touch the radio icon. The radio tuner display screen
Radio Tuner TFT Display
The on-screen icons and touch key areas are outlined below.
Stereo - Displays stereo radio signal reception.
FM1 - Displays the current preset frequency band.
P1 through P6 - Displays the current preset frequency within the preset
frequency band that currently playing.
1077 MHz - Displays the radio station frequency that is currently playing.
Radio Tuner TFT Display Screen
Source Icon - Touch to view the SOURCE MENU and select a new playback source.
Radio - Displays the current source.
Time Display - This indicator displays the time as entered by the user in the Settings
Preset List - Provides a display of the preset frequencies. Touch to recall a preset
station. The radio can store 6 FM1, 6 FM2, 6 FM3, 6 AM1, and 6 AM2 frequency
Local / Distance - Displays the Local /Distance setting.
RT (Radio Text) - Allows a radio station to transmit a 64-character free-form text
that can be either static (such as station slogans) or in sync with the programming
(such as the title and artist of the currently playing song).
PS (Program Service) - An eight-character static display that represents the call
letters or station identity name. Most RDS capable receivers display this information.
Touch "PS" or "RT" to alternate between RT / PS / PTY feature.
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