Controlling Playback
Inserting a Disc- Upon inserting a MP3/WMA disc, disc play begins. You cannot
insert a disc if there is already a disc in the unit or if the power is of.
Ejecting a Disc - Press the Eject ( ) button on the front of the unit to eject the disc.
The unit automatically reverts to Tuner mode. You may eject a disc with the unit
powered of. The unit will remain off after the disc is ejected.
Resetting the Loading Mechanism - If the disc loads abnormally or an abnormal
core mechanism operation occurs, press and hold the Eject ( ) button on the
front of the unit to reset the loading mechanism. Normal operation resumes.
Playing MP3/WMA Files - After inserting a MP3/WMA disc, files will play in
the sequence of the “Root’ directory.
Note: When burning MP3 / WMA files onto a DVD disc, use folders when
burning large numbers of songs / files to a disc for easy music navigation.
Select the “Disc at Once” option and close your disc.
Note: CD-R and CD-RW will not play unless the recording session is finalized.
Pausing Playback - Touch the Play/Pause ( ) icon to suspend or resume
Moving Through Tracks - Touch the Next ( ) icon to advance to the next track
Touch the Previous ( ) icon to move to the previous track on the MP3 disc.
Repeat Playback - Touch the Repeat ( ) icon to alter repeat mode as follows:
Repeat Single > Repeat Folder > Repeat All > Repeat Of.
Random Play Select - Touch the Random ( ) icon to play the tracks on the
MP3 disc device in a random, shuffled order. Touch the Random ( ) icon again
to cancel Random Play mode.
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