CD Operation
From the Main Menu Screen touch the DISC icon or insert a CD into the disc slot,
label side up. Playback begins in CD mode when a disc is inserted correctly.
CD Main Menu
The on-screen icons and touch key areas are outlined below.
CD Main Menu
Source Icon - Touch this icon to return to the Main Menu Screen.
DISC - Displays the current source.
Track Number- Lists the current track playing and the total number of tracks
contained on the disc.
Time Display - This indicator displays the time as entered by the user in the
Settings Menu.
CD Disc Information Display - Displays the artist, the title of the track and the
title of the album.
More ( / ) - Touch the / icons to display the next or previous page of the
Disc menu.
( ) Previous - Touch this icon to play the previous track.
( ) Play/Pause - Touch this icon to begin disc playback. Touch this icon again to
pause disc playback.
( ) Next - Touch this icon to play the next track.
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