General Disc Information
Disc Properties
Symbol 12cm Disc Properties Max Play Time
Single side single layer (DVD-5)
Single side double layer (DVD-9)
Double side single layer (DVD-10)
Double side double layer (DVD-18)
(MPEG 2 Method)
133 minutes
242 minutes
266 minutes
484 minutes
Single side single layer (VCD) (MPEG 1 Method)
74 minutes
Single side single layer 74 minutes
Disc Symbols
Symbol Meaning
Number of voice languages recorded. The number inside the icon
indicates the number languages on the disc (maximum of 8).
Number of subtitle languages available on the disc (maximum of 32).
Number of angles provided (maximum of 9).
Aspect ratios available. “LB” stands for Letter Box and “PS” stands for
Pan/Scan. In the example on the left, the 16:9 video can be converted
to Letter Box video.
Indicates the region code where the disc can be played.
Region 1: USA, Canada, East Pacific Ocean Islands
Region 2: Japan, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Egypt, South
Africa, Middle East
Region 3: Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia,
South-East Asia
Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Middle and South America,
South Pacific Ocean Islands/Oceania
Region 5: Russia, Mongolia, India, Middle Asia, Eastern Europe,
North Korea, North Africa, North-West Asia
Region 6: Mainland China
ALL: All Regions
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