Direct Entry
When the Direct Entry icon is touched the Direct Entry Screen appears. The user
can manually select a title or a chapter. By touching icon, the user can select a
chapter or title. The title or chapter can be selected by touching the corresponding
number for a title or chapter. After entering the numbers, touch the OK icon. If a
wrong digit is entered, touching the arrow will remove the number. After touching
OK, playback will begin.
DVD Chapter and Title Direct Entry Screen
Inserting a Disc
Upon inserting a DVD disc, DVD mode is entered and disc play begins. A disc
cannot be inserted if there is already a disc in the unit or if the power is of.
Note: If Parental Lock (Rating) is activated and the disc inserted is not
authorized, the 4-digit code must be entered and/or the disc must be
Note: DVD-R and DVD-RW will not play unless the recording session is
finalized and the DVD is closed.
Ejecting a Disc- Press the Eject ( ) button on the front of the unit to eject the
disc. The unit automatically reverts to Tuner mode. You may eject a disc with
the unit powered of. The unit will remain off after the disc is ejected.
Resetting the Loading Mechanism - If the disc loads abnormally or an abnormal
core mechanism operation occurs, press and hold the Eject ( ) button on the
front of the unit to reset the loading mechanism. Normal operation resumes.
Accessing DVD Mode - To switch to DVD mode when a disc is already inserted,
touch source on the TFT LCD screen to access the source menu. Touch the disc icon.
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